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Chakra Clearing Individual Sessions

Chakra Class Instruction

Light, Energy, Balance

Chakra clearing and Chakra balancing is a great way to release stress, anxiety, fears and trauma. 
Learn how your chakra work, bring them back into balance and feel more joy, peace, harmony, and light into your life!

Energy-Body & Chakra Clearing - A Radical Forgiveness Experience

Process takes 2.5 hours.  $85

This process will assist in releasing energy around not forgiving and support dissolving negative energetic patterns in your subtle bodies and the 7 chakras. Release deeply held, unconscious, emotional pain. Session includes statements, tuning forks, essential oils and chakra stones.

Chakra Balancing &  Meditation

$25 per class or $140 (prepaid)  $150 series (6 classes)
Schedule for a small group, learn together!
Friends or Work!

The chakras are the energy centers of the body. When they are out of balance, over or under active your whole day can be difficult, stressed and unfulfilling. Learn about your chakras, gain insight into your thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviors. Learn and practice new ways of addressing, changing and refocusing old beliefs, behaviors and patterns. Through better understanding the chakras we are able to create a day that is happy, productive, energized and filled with love. 
This class will deepen your knowledge, awareness, meditative state and ability to balance & integrate your chakras into your daily life. We will learn about archetypes, altar space, asanas (postures), crystals, flower essences, oils, incense, meditation, affirmations and daily questions/journaling for each of the 7 chakras.

Chakra Meditations - Intense and Deeper!

Individual $60, or small group $25 per person, 2 hour sessions

Have you learned about the chakras and now want to take your chakra balancing and energy healing deeper?

Choose your "style, 

  • Shamanic, Earth Energy Chakra Balancing

  • Mudra (hand gestures) Chakra Balancing

  • Gentle Yoga Postures Chakra Balancing

  • Native American Medicine Wheel Chakra Balancing

We will include Crystals, Essential Oils, and Incense. Bring your own mat, bolster and pillow. Supplies will be provided if need. Dress comfortably for laying down meditations.