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Chakra balancing aromatherapy roll-ons. 

Chakras are the energy centers in our body and keep us emotionally, physically, and spiritually in balance. Through stress, anxiety, or just day to day living they become unbalanced, sluggish, spin too fast or too slow. These roll-on blends assist in bringing your energy system back into balance and feeling more peaceful, relaxed and at ease. 


Essential Oil Roll-On Sticks

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  • Each chakra roll-on is specifically blended for the uniqueness of each chakra. 

    Root Chakra: Grounding, foundation, safety, connection to family

    Sacral Chakra: Feelings, Emotions, Creativity

    Sacral Chakra: Self-Will, Self-Determination, Self-Esteem

    Heart Chakra: Love, Compassion, Kindness for Self & Others

    Throat Chakra: Self-Espression, Speak, Write, Actions, Communication

    3rd Eye Chakra: Intuition, Inner Knowing, Vision, Insight

    Crown Chakra: Connection to Universal Life Force, Spirit