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Nov & Dec 2022
Holiday Specials

Weekly Store Specials, 20% off

  • Energy Balancing Specials

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Take time for you this holiday. Shop and relax in the soothing atmosphere of Lightways. Shop for unique items, enjoy a Reiki or relaxing treatment for yourself and others. Gift certificates also available at the store or special events page

Energy balancing and restoring brings peace and harmony to reduce stress, anxiety and the business of the holiday season. Share this gift with loved ones, or yourself. Self-care is the gift of self-love!

Services:  Energy Medicine, Balancing, Rejuvenating & Peaceful Hands-On Relaxation Sessions  Regularly $85 for 75 min now $65, $50 for 30 min, now $30


Schedule your sessions: or Judy 585-281-8670 (call or text) 

 IET, Integrated Energy Therapy, Hands-on release of negative emotions and integration of positive ones. We work with your cellular memory to create new peaceful sensations, guided by the 9 Angels of the healing energy field.    

​Shamanic Illuminations, clearing your luminous energy field, your "light body" all around you, including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies. We can also do crystal extractions, inner child trauma work, soul retrieval and vogel crystal fluid extractions. Each session begins with a guided meditation followed by the energy balancing & release. 


​Reiki Energy Relaxation & Balancing. Guided by the Holy Fire Energy, experience the deep Relaxation and release of stress, anxiety, depression, sadness or grief. Integrate a sense of joy and compassion for yourself and others during this Holiday Season. Session may include a guided meditation, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, to release wounds or struggles, and begin healing.     

Radical Forgiveness Worksheets and Chakra Clearing Sessions. Even if you have done a worksheet or chakra session you can always clear more! Release those PATTERNS AND CORE BELIEFS that hold you back from being your TRUE SELF. 5 steps: Tell the Story, Feel the Feelings, Collapse the Story, Reframe, and Integrate.

Holiday Season Gift of Peace....

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