Peruvian Shaman//Feminine Healing Rites, Energy Work, Chumpi Chakra Work, Chumpi Illumination

The way of the Shaman is to provide healing, balance, and energetic living to all beings, while loving and caring for Pachamama, Mother Earth. 
Deepen your skills and practices with these workshops, classes, or individual sessions.

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Peruvian Andean Shamanic Practices

Sat, April 17, 24, May 1,8,15,22, 9-12:30

6 Session $350 or $60 per session

Contact Judy, 585-281-8670

Guided meditations, tools, practices, ceremony & ritual for the Divine Feminine, Pachamama (Mother Earth), and your own spiritual journey of YOUR Destiny!

You will learn opening sacred space, prayer to the directions, the archetypes of Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle, Huskar, Quetzalcotal, and Pachakui, Quecha vocabulary, Shamanic Illumination, Fire Ceremony, Destiny vs Fate, using Chumpi stones, making a despacho, the 3 worlds of Ukupacha, Kaipacha, and Hanaqkacha, and the atrributes of Lachay, Munay, and Llankay (wisdom, love and right action). We will look at the practces of shamanic card reading, coca (bay Leaf) readings, and stone readings. 

Practices are from my study with The Four Winds and Alberto Villoldo, The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition with Don Oscar Miro Queseda, Puma Fredy, Villma Pinedo and Ashera Serfaty and my personal teachers, Bonnie Sandera and Barbara Hallnan.

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Shamanic Card Reading & 
Chakra Balancing

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Andean Shamanic Tools, Practices,

& Nusta Karpay Rites (Feminine Healing Rites)

Sat & Sun, Sept 26 & 27, 10 am -2 pm each day, 

Lightways Barn, 228 Gilmore Rd, Brockport

$150, call Judy to register, 585-281-8670, or click here


Chumpi Illumination Session


Chumpi Stone Illumination & Chakra Balance

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 Chumpi's and Energy Work


Shamanic Illumination Healing


Light Body Illumination


Nusta Rite for Energy Balance, Release & Restoration using Chumpi Stones from the Sacred Valley, Peru


Additional Shamanic Sessions