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Peruvian Shaman//Feminine Healing Rites, Energy Work, Chumpi Chakra Work, Chumpi Illumination, 
The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

Friday & Saturday, August 21 & 22,
9-:12:30 each day, 
Lightways Barn, 228 Gilmore Rd, Brockport
Call Judy, 585-281-8670 to register

The way of the Shaman is to provide healing, balance, and energetic living to all beings, while loving and caring for Pachamama, Mother Earth. 
Deepen your skills and practices with these workshops, classes, or individual sessions.


Introduction to the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition,
June 13, 9am-1pm,      $75
Judiith Andrew
Lightways Barn, 228 Gilmore Rd. Brockport,
call to register, 585-281-8670

The focus of this class is to learn and practice the fundamentals of the Pachakuti Mesa, and the teachings of Don Oscar Miro- Queseda. Participants will set up a basic mesa and begin working with it. Emphasis is on the five directions and how these each represent an aspect of the self. This ‘expanded basics’ workshop also covers an introduction to the three worlds, a brief introduction to the lineage, and setting up, activating and using their mesa. 

Mesa is an Altar, an extension of self, for healing, balance, and harmony for you and Mother Earth.

the In-depth 5-Part Apprenticeship program will begin July 16-18,

 taught by Barbara Hallnan

Barbara Apprenticeship.jpg

The Pachakuti Mesa 5-Part Apprenticeship Program

July 16-18, 7pm Fri- 12 noon sun

Barbara Hallnan

Lightways Barn, 228 Gilmore Rd, Brockport

Register on Special Events Page

Payment $400 per class

$1,700 pre-payment

On a year long Cross Cultural Peruvian, Shamanic Apprenticeship
with Barbara Hallnan PhD, Sanctioned Shamanic Teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition - Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal.

This five part initiation into the living heart and ancestral soul of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is intended to awaken in every participant who completes the program, a remembrance of their incarnational purpose as luminous strands of the Great Web of Life in service to the Seven Generations.

Receive profound wisdom teachings and powerful initiations into cross-cultural shamanism and the shamanic arts in our apprenticeship series with PMT Teachers sanctioned by don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal is a five-part series of intensives that aligns the traditional teachings of Peru and the wisdom of its heritage with the needs of the present day.

Providing a comprehensive foundation and profound initiation through ceremony and prayer into the living heart and soul of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, this apprenticeship helps participants cultivate a deeper relationship with nature and the unseen world, and offers multiple opportunities for self-exploration, empowerment and profound personal growth.

This powerful series is open to all people who desire to be of service to themselves, their families, their community, and Mother Earth, whether they are long-time mesa carriers or new to this tradition through personal and communal ceremony.

Part 1: The Call to Heal: Releasing the Past       July 16 – 18, 2021
This apprenticeship workshop initiates participants into the Pachakuti Mesa, a powerful and sacred altar. Students learn how to create their own mesas and work with them for self-empowerment, transformation, and helping others. Through shamanic journey and visionary states of consciousness, participants will explore the three worlds of the Andean cosmovision, sacred reciprocity with all that is, the core ingredients of ceremonial mastery, sacred sound and ritual language, healing and curanderismo, and the inner world of the ukhupacha.

Part 2: A Balance of Power: Transforming the Present       October 8 – 10, 2021
During this workshop intensive, participants will apprentice in the center direction of the mesa, traditional Peruvian healing practices, and the kaypacha, the middle world. They will explore the kaypacha’s elemental matrix and magico-spiritual power, and learn about the moon’s presence in the middle world, mapping the cosmos on Earth, and celestial death and rebirth.

Part 3: The Condor’s Quest: Creating the Future       January 14 -16, 2022
This workshop is an initiation into the paqokuna, the Andean Shaman/Priesthood mystical path, the lineage of the sacred mountains, and the five virtues of the mesa. Participants will also journey to and experience the hanaqpacha, the upper world beyond the physical, work with the unseen world there and deepen their connection to their own spiritual resources.

Part 4: The Hummingbird’s Ascent: Living the Mystery       April 29 – May 1, 2022  
 In this apprenticeship workshop students will experience the upper world and learn about its lightning bolt of mystical illumination and the flow of kamasqa, the power of Creation. They will work with the elements, the forces of the universe, the body of Mother Earth, and sacred healing objects. In sacred reciprocity participants will create despachos to honor Mother Earth, the sacred mountains, the elements, the unseen world, and prepare for a paqowachu, a sacred pilgrimage.

Part 5: The Shamanic Self: Serving the Earth       July 8 – 10, 2022
This workshop deepens participants’ experience of soul and spirit through ritual process, including the spiritual creation, activation and care of an apacheta. Students will work with the power of creation in the kaypacha or middle world, dimensionality and time, as well as with the three suns, and the hampikamayoq process (ancient breathing techniques for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and transformation). Participants will be further empowered by evoking both seen and unseen sources of cosmic awareness within their mesa, sacred objects and own being, and initiation into the lineage of this revered tradition.

Teacher: Barbara Hallnan
Contact: Judith Andrew   Email: 
Phone: (585) 281-8670

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Peruvian Andean Shamanic Practices

Sat, April 17, 24, May 1,8,15,22, 9-12:30

6 Session $350 or $60 per session

Contact Judy, 585-281-8670

Guided meditations, tools, practices, ceremony & ritual for the Divine Feminine, Pachamama (Mother Earth), and your own spiritual journey of YOUR Destiny!

You will learn opening sacred space, prayer to the directions, the archetypes of Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle, Huskar, Quetzalcotal, and Pachakui, Quecha vocabulary, Shamanic Illumination, Fire Ceremony, Destiny vs Fate, using Chumpi stones, making a despacho, the 3 worlds of Ukupacha, Kaipacha, and Hanaqkacha, and the atrributes of Lachay, Munay, and Llankay (wisdom, love and right action). We will look at the practces of shamanic card reading, coca (bay Leaf) readings, and stone readings. 

Practices are from my study with The Four Winds and Alberto Villoldo, The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition with Don Oscar Miro Queseda, Puma Fredy, Villma Pinedo and Ashera Serfaty and my personal teachers, Bonnie Sandera and Barbara Hallnan.

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Shamanic Card Reading & 
Chakra Balancing

Special, $65 for 75 min

Judith Andrew, Shamanic Practitioner

Reservations, 585-281-8670  or lightways special event page

The chakras are energy centers in the body that influence our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. When they are too slow or too fast, our energy, life flow and happiness are out of balance as well. Often, we are not sure why or how to bring back harmony and peaceful feelings and thoughts.                                                                                                                I am offering a collective combination of a reading with Shamanic Oracle Cards, and chakra stones or chumpi stones to assist you in exploring your personal and spiritual struggles and blockages. Through messages from the cards, we discover practices to integrate balance and harmony. The session ends with Shamanic Illumination, Reiki, and the stones to integrate this new knowledge. We begin with prayers to create sacred space, set intentions and bring the vibrational frequency of your stones and intentions into your cellular memory, DNA, chakras, and energy field. This allows you to live your DESTINY, not your FATE (whatever life brings). Destiny is your true soul’s journey, creating and manifesting the life you want to live.  You can change your life!

Integrated Energy Therapy Master Teacher, Usui Reiki I, II & Master Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki I, II, III & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Certified Chakra & Energy Balancing, Level I Shamanic Practitioner, Advanced Practices Shamanism, and Pachakuti Mesa Training.

Bonnie Pic Machu Pichu.jpg

Andean Shamanic Tools, Practices,

& Nusta Karpay Rites (Feminine Healing Rites)

Sat & Sun, Sept 26 & 27, 10 am -2 pm each day, 

Lightways Barn, 228 Gilmore Rd, Brockport

$150, call Judy to register, 585-281-8670, or click here

Peruvian Shamanism, Nusta Karpay (Feminine) Rites

Judith Andrew, Shamanic Practitioner

9 hours, full day or 2 half days,

or 4 2-hr sessions

 $150    Reservations Required. 585-281-8670

Dress comfortable, bring your mesa, rattle and other shamanic tools, and 7 stones. 

 In this workshop you will learn about and experience the tools and traditions of the Andean Shaman.  You will be introduced to chumpi’s (shaman meditation stones), mesa’s (medicine bundle), the Upper, Middle and Lower Words, centers for Wisdom, Compassion, and Service, Condor/Eagle, Jaguar, and Serpent, textiles, bells & rattles, how to make a despacho (gift of gratitude to Pachamama, Earth Mother, and prayers to the directions.  

The summers of 2016 and 2019 I spent 10 days in the Sacred Valley, Peru.  Every day we went to the sacred Inca sites and received the Nusta Karpay (feminine) rites. They were given and taught by Shaman Don Mariano and his son, Don Santiago, who live in the Peruvian high mountains. The rites honor the sacred mountain spirit, the Apu's and the energy of the Earth Mother, Pachamama. The Shaman said it was time to practice and share these rites with others. The 7 rites bring the elements and chakras into healing and harmony.

The Rites are open to all, men and women, who desire to connect and heal their Divine Feminine energy and to bring that healing to the others.

According to Andean spiritual tradition, the Nustas are the Goddesses and Sacred Feminine Energies of the Peruvian and Bolivian mountains, rivers and lakes. In Quecha the word “karpay” means rite or ceremony.

Each Rite will include a meditation, explanation, personal benefits, and handout along with the Rite.

 Rites 1 Mama Ocllo, 2 Dona Mujia, 3 Mama Simona 

 Rites 4 Dona Theresa, 5 Maria Sakapona & Despacho       

Rites 6 Huana Wamam Tiklla, 7 Thomasa Waman Tiklla, & Ending Ceremony

Judith is the co-owner of Lightways Metaphysical Store in Brockport NY. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, Usui & Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, IET (Healing Angels) Master Teacher, Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach & Energy-Body & Chakra Clearing Certified.


Chumpi Illumination Session

This energy balancing session begins with a short discussion about what is going on in your spiritual or personal life, and then we identify an issue, emotion, person or situation you would like to heal or release. We then layout the chumpi stones to gain insight and clarity through affirmations, statements and healing energy of the specific chumpis, sound and meditation.


Chumpi Stone Illumination & Chakra Balance

This healing session uses 12 Peruvian Chumpi stones, which are hand carved alabaster stones used for healing by the Shaman in the high mountains of Peru. They contain the “apus” or spirit of the mountains, bringing heaven and earth together for our energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual  healing. Each stone carries an energy to healing and release a negative counterpart, such as balance/letting go of control, self-sacrifice. We muscle test to select which chumpi to use and which one is your “medicine”. We use intention, affirmation, crystals, stones and objects and a specific sound (rattle, crystal bowl, bell, music). We end by closing sacred space, a prayer and Shamanic card reading.

rainbow chumpi.jpg

 Chumpi's and Energy Work

Relax while your luminous light body, chakras and physical body energy fields are healed, balanced and restored. With the energy of the Apu's (7 Sacred Mountains in Peru) and the healing energy of IET or Reiki experience these amazing combinations of hands-on energy healing.


Shamanic Illumination Healing

Following the Shamanic Inka traditions of healing and releasing, we use breath work, stones, palo santo, prayers, meditation & intention to release negative dense energy and bring light, peace and balance into your chakras, psychical body, auric energy body. We work with your Luminous Light Body. 

Judith Andrew is a Certified Level 1 Shamanic Practitioner (over 100 hrs training)


Light Body Illumination

The Shamanic Light Body illumination begins with opening your spiritual energy field (wiracocha) and a prayer to the 7 directions. After identifying what you want to release into a stone, we use pendulum and rattle, to determine which chakra is blocked, and then begin breath work and deep meditation to release, then bring in the healing light of jaguar. This can be combined with the Chumpi stones or chakra crystals.


Nusta Rite for Energy Balance, Release & Restoration using Chumpi Stones from the Sacred Valley, Peru

The session begins with prayer and meditation, followed by installing bands of power into the 7 chakras and luminous energy field with the breath and chumpi's. Then the chumpi's are placed onto the 7 chakras, for deep releasing of negative energy, fears and experiences, followed by bringing in light and healing for light body & energy balance and harmony. The result is an intense sense of peace and well-being, with insight and inner wisdom.


Additional Shamanic Sessions

Crystal Extraction - illumination, Crystal and light energy to remove entities, 
Soul Retrieval - Illumination and guided journey to the Lower World to discover wounds and limiting contracts, and bring back gifts, power animal, and new contract. 
Combo Special: 3 Sessions, Ilumination Session, Crystal Extraction Session, Soul Retrieval Session, reg $195,  $180

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