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Peruvian Shaman/Earthkeeper Rites, Energy Work, Chumpi Chakra Work, Chumpi Illumination

Chumpi Illumination Session

75 min,  $65

This energy balancing session begins with a short discussion about what is going on in your spiritual or personal life, and then we identify an issue, emotion, person or situation you would like to heal or release. We then layout the chumpi stones to gain insight and clarity through affirmations, statements and healing energy of the specific chumpis, sound and meditation.

Chumpi Stone Illumination & Chakra Balance

full session, 1.5 hrs, $75,

mini session, 45 min $55

This healing session uses 12 Peruvian Chumpi stones, which are hand carved alabaster stones used for healing by the Shaman in the high mountains of Peru. They contain the “apus” or spirit of the mountains, bringing heaven and earth together for our energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual  healing. Each stone carries an energy to healing and release a negative counterpart, such as balance/letting go of control, self-sacrifice. We muscle test to select which chumpi to use and which one is your “medicine”. We use intention, affirmation, crystals, stones and objects and a specific sound (rattle, crystal bowl, bell, music). We end by closing sacred space, a prayer and Shamanic card reading.

 Chumpi's and Energy Work

45 min session $50, 75 min session $75

Relax while your luminous light body, chakras and physical body energy fields are healed, balanced and restored. With the energy of the Apu's (7 Sacred Mountains in Peru) and the healing energy of IET or Reiki experience these amazing combinations of hands-on energy healing.

Shamanic Illumination Healing

75 min session, $75

Following the Shamanic Inka traditions of healing and releasing, we use breath work, stones, palo santo, prayers, meditation & intention to release negative dense energy and bring light, peace and balance into your chakras, psychical body, auric energy body. We work with your Luminous Light Body. 

Judith Andrew is a Certified Level 1 Shamanic Practitioner (over 100 hrs training)

Light Body Illumination

75 min, $75

The Shamanic Light Body illumination begins with opening your spiritual energy field (wiracocha) and a prayer to the 7 directions. After identifying what you want to release into a stone, we use pendulum and rattle, to determine which chakra is blocked, and then begin breath work and deep meditation to release, then bring in the healing light of jaguar. This can be combined with the Chumpi stones or chakra crystals.

Nusta Rite for Energy Balance, Release & Restoration using Chumpi Stones from the Sacred Valley, Peru

1.5 hr session, $75

The session begins with prayer and meditation, followed by installing bands of power into the 7 chakras and luminous energy field with the breath and chumpi's. Then the chumpi's are placed onto the 7 chakras, for deep releasing of negative energy, fears and experiences, followed by bringing in light and healing for light body & energy balance and harmony. The result is an intense sense of peace and well-being, with insight and inner wisdom.

Additional Shamanic Sessions

1.5 -2 hour session, $85

Crystal Extraction - illumination, Crystal and light energy to remove entities, 
Soul Retrieval - Illumination and guided journey to the Lower World to discover wounds and limiting contracts, and bring back gifts, power animal, and new contract. 
Combo Special: 3 Sessions, Ilumination Session, Crystal Extraction Session, Soul Retrieval Session, reg $195,  $180