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Crystal Healing & Balancing

Stones and crystals are supportive in releasing stress, anxiety, fear, depression, grief, sadness, need for protection, and bringing in courage, happiness, joy, love, and gratitude. 

Bring your own crystals or "borrow" ours. Identify your topic issue, and together we will select stones and crystals for your energy work, placing them on and around your physical body during a Reiki, Angel Healing, or Shamanic Healing. Will include a guided meditation and processing after. 


Chakra Balancing with Energy Work Session

Specific crystals are placed on the chakras, during a Reiki or Shamanic session. Blockages and stuck energy are released, the chakras is brought into alignment with the vibration of the crystal, rattle is used to both unwind, and wind balance back into the chakra. The session will also include breath work, guided meditation and recommendations for home practice.

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