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Release 2021, Rise Up 2022!

Review and release 2021 through a worksheet, prayer, and meditation. followed by a 

Gratitude Despacho, Rise Up 2022.

A despacho is a shamanic mandala we create together with elements of the earth and joy.

We offer our prayers and gratitude to Mother Earth, Pachamama.

1 person or small group activity.

1.5 hours

1 person, $75

2 or more, $45

Join with family or friends!

Credit Card, Paypal Payment 


Gratitude Despacho

A Despacho is a shamanic offering we create in gratitude. It is a mandala, made of nuts, beans, rice, raisins, incense, sugar, flowers, confetti, candy & more.

(all materials supplied). As we create, we offer our breath and prayers, affirmations, and intentions for 2022.

This is a wonderful FAMILY or FRIENDS gathering, and way to begin a new!

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