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Meditations and Guidance for  Covid-19, World Peace & Healing Our Earth

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Monday, Dec 21, 6:30
Equinox Meditation,
Sand Painting*   Zoom


*Join with me, or preferably, make your own, have a bowl of sand or salt, and up to t10 small items which have meaning for you, that represent aspects of your life for you want to release and manifest in the coming season.

March 28-RAIN Technique

April 7 -Breath work, Lake Meditation

April 14-Tapping & Anxiety

April 21-No Mud, No Lotus

April 28-Gratitude & Grace

May 5 - Be The Mountain

May 12 - Rising Strong

May 19 - Align Your Core Light w/Angels

May 26 - Gifts from 9 Angels

June 2, Creative Visualization

June 9, Peace, Prayers & Practices

June 16, Chakra Healing & Balance

June 23,  Radical Forgiveness

June 30, Animal Spirit Guides

July 14, Shamanic Levels of Perception

July 28, Mindful or Full Mind?

Sept 22, Equinox Meditation

Dec 21, Solstice Meditation

Winter Solstice Meditation Facebook Cove
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Lightways on ZOOM

We are all in this together……

Click the pic or text to see the video

Call or Text, 585-281-8670

This is a unique experience we are all having, social distancing, home restricted, isolated, scarcity of essential products, financial loss and instability. The frequent result is feeling stressed, unsure, fear, and anxiety.

Our new level of connection is through media tools, the very ones we have been working to distance from.

So, while we are in this isolation, stores and businesses closed, I am offering a variety of services through ZOOM, a very easy app for both auditory and visual connection through phone, pad or computer.

EveryTues from 6:30-7:30 will be a FREE guided session that may include a Guided Meditation, Mindfulness, Informational Bit, Angel Meditation, Stress Reduction, Shamanic Teaching/Meditation,

Breath Work, and more.

I am also posting 3-10 min sessions on Facebook every few days, Lightways Community and Lightways Journey. They will also be on our website page,

Individual ZOOM sessions are available by appointment. You can call to schedule your time.

We can do Meditation, Pranayama (breath work), Gentle Movement, distance Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Illumination, Radical Forgiveness Worksheet, Miracle Morning, or combinations.

Let’s create what you need! 1-hour sessions will be $20!

Remember High School Musical! We’re All In This Together!

Love, Blessings, and Stay Safe!  Judy and Karen

PS Lightways Store on Market St is closed for now, if you need CBD call and we will make arrangements.

Root Chakra

Bring balance, safety and stability to your root chakra, Oak Tree Meditation.

Nadi Shodhanna

Alternate nostril breathing for balancing and relaxation.

Mindful Body Sensations

Be present with this mindful body sensation scan, following your breath and awareness of bringing space and calm into your physical body.

Sand Painting

Connect with Pachamama, our Earth Mother, through nature. Using stones, flowers, sticks and earth, set your anchor, release, and intention/manifestation.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

13+ min, using essential oils, palo santo and crystals to bring balance and peace to our anxious and stressed chakras at this time of the corona uncertainty.

Creek Meditation

4-2-6 Breath

Pachakuti Mesa

Intention and the directions

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