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Guided Meditation Sessions

60 min, $45 each,  buy 4, get 1 free~

Individualized sessions, on Zoom or in person.

call Judy at 585-281-8670 to schedule


16 Meditations  to explore....

RAIN is a mindful technique for self-love and finding peace with in.  The technique has been updated by Tara Brach in her new book, Radical Compassion. We explore:R for Recognize, A for Allow, I for Investigate, N for Nurturing.

  • Peaceful Lake Meditation & Breath Work. Relax, breathe and visualize a calm and peaceful visit to your favorite lake or water. 

  • Tapping & Anxiety - Nick Ortners technique for tapping parts of the body (meridians),  while repeating phrases to release stress and anxiety, fears and negativity. 

  • No Mud, No Lotus, breath work and guided through the chakras to revitalize and rebalance the chakra.

  • Gratitude and Grace, Meditations and suggestions from Depak Chopra on finding grace within.

  • Be The Mountain, the mindful meditation by Joh Kabat-Zinn on finding peace like the mountain, no matter what the elements are.

  • Rising Strong, following the book by Brene Brown, how to get up and rise again after failure or falling down. 

  • Align Your Core Light with Angels, Melanie Beckler's,

  • (  guided meditation to find your core light. 

  • Gifts from 9 Angels - receive guidance and specific gifts from 9 archangels and angels.

  • Creative Visualization, from Shakti Gawain, on using visualization and affirmations to create what you desire for your life. 

  • Peace, Prayers, & Practices, Melinda Johnston's book and practices for creating peace, especially now, during  Covid-19.

  • Chakra Healing & Balance, guided from the crown to root, clear and balance your chakras.

  • Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping, learn what Radical Forgiveness means, then practice the 13 step process. 

  • Animal Spirit Guides, Journey to explore, find and seek guidance from your special spirit guide. 

  • Shamanic Levels of Perception, Alberto Villoldo's guidance for "seeing" thorugh Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle. 

  • Mindful or Full Mind? Skills, strategies and meditation for being present, aware, breath & body sensations for feeling in balance and peaceful. 

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