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Starseed Children, Teens, & Adults

Starseed Card Reading, Guided Mediation, Energy Work, Light Therapy and/or Time Shifting

Starseeds are Souls who have incarnated from the Stars and Star Constellations. You may be a Starseed if you feel you don't fit in, know you have a Divine Purpose, are drawn to the Spirit World, your soul is yearning for more!

Brazilian Crystal Healing Bed

The Crystal Bed has 7 extremely clear and highly polished Vogel cut Quartz Crystals. Each crystal has been cut to a specific frequency and aligned with one of the 7 human chakras. Each colored light radiates light and color energy through the crystals, raising your vibration by balancing and aligning your chakra.

Energy Cord Cutting & Shamanic Illumination

Cord cutting is a way to release the energy and attachments to a person (s), event, situation or trauma that has or is causing anxiety, stress, fear, anger, or difficult emotions. We use relaxation, visualization, breath work, selenite tools, chuta daga (shamanic tool) to gently "cut" the cords. We then bring in "light" for balance, healing and sense of peace. 

Tapping for Anxiety and Stress

Tapping is an effective way to SELF release of stress and anxiety. Learn and practice at home, these body tapping and affirmation statements. Easy and fun to learn!

Crystal Healing & Balancing, or Chakra Balancing Session 

Crystal Healing ~ Stones and crystals are supportive in releasing stress, anxiety, fear, depression, grief, sadness, need for protection, and bringing in courage, happiness, joy, love, and gratitude. 

Bring your own crystals or "borrow" ours. Identify your topic issue, and together we will select stones and crystals for your energy work, placing them on and around your physical body during a Reiki, Angel Healing, or Shamanic Healing. 

Chakra Balancing ~ Clear and balance your chakras with specific chakra crystals centered on each chakra during a Reiki or Illumination session. Each chakra is "unwound" and re-balanced for peace, joy, and gratitude. 

Holy Fire III Usui and Karuna Reiki

Reiki is a relaxing, hands-on technique to bring balance, unity, love, compassion, peace and harmony into your physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual bodies.

The Holy Fire Energy is channeled to bring your authentic and true self forward, letting go of cultural, biological or environmental barriers to your spiritual growth and development. 

Peruvian Shamanic Illuminations & Nusta Karpay Rites (Feminine Healing)

Light body illuminations include clearing the chakras, LEF (luminous energy field) and releasing dense negative energy that is blocking your flow of universal life force energy. We use a variety of techniques including palo santo, rattles, chumpi stones and essential oils.

They Nusta Karpay rites are the feminine and earth healing rites handed down directly from the Shaman in the Peruvian Sacred mountains.

Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness is the amazing work developed by Colin Tipping. It includes releasing and letting go of patterns of anger, fear, struggles and trauma. It includes hands-on energy work and the very effective Radical Forgiveness Worksheet for seeing the spiritual perfection in all that has happened in your life. 

Chakra & Energy Body Clearing

Feeling stressed, tired, just worn out? 

There are 7 main chakras (energy centers) in the body. When they are blocked, sluggish or spinning too fast you feel unblanced, stressed, over tired or too agitated. Energy work unblocks the meridians and chakras so you return to feeling calm, relaxed and at ease. 

Relax and allow the soothing hands-on techniques of Reiki, IET or Shamanic Illuminations bring balance, peace, calm, self-compassion and acceptance into your energy bodies as your release blocked negative energy.

IET, Integrated Energy Therapy, Healing with the Angels

IET is an energy clearing and balancing technique that brings in the healing of 9 angels of the healing energy field. These  angels support you to release negative energies like guilt, fear, shame, and anger, and bring in trust, living with ease, love, and spiritual freedom.

The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning include strategies to experience the best start to your day. Following Hal Elrod's Life SAVERS techniques we will custom your morning meditation, for 6-60 minutes, what works for you! Strategies include Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Script (Journaling). 

Guided Meditations & Processing

14 topics, you choose!

Lightways Energy Pass

Pre-purchase your energy sessions for bundles and discounts. Try all the different techniques: Reiki, IET, Chumpi's, Stones and Crystals, Meditation and more. Design your treatment, set your own time schedule.