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Shamanic Reiki

Schedule, call/text 585-281-8670

Shamanic Reiki combines guided journeying meditations with hands-on Reiki relaxation and balancing. Journeying can include finding spirit guides, spirit huacas (objects), past life journeying, cord cutting, land clearing, healing with earth, water, fire and air, removing intrusions, extractions and more.

Shamanic Reiki

Schedule, call/text 585-281-8670

What a fabulous year of study, training and experiencing!, Jan-Nov 2022. I finished incredible year long training in Shamanic Reiki, as taught by Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, Llyn Cedars and her amazing teaching staff. 

I am excited and look forward to sharing these teachings and experiences with you. Here are the first practices. They include guided meditation journeys and hands-on Reiki relaxation and balancing. 

Judith Andrew, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, IET Master, Andean Shamanic Practitioner, Jaguar Path Shamanic Practitioner 

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Find Your Spirit Huaca
(Nature Item)
1 hr. $75

Together we journey to find your nature spirit Huaca (object), through the elements, earth, water, fire or air.

Energetic Cord Cutting and Extractions_png.png

Cutting Energy Cords and Extractions
1.5 hrs, $85

Release unhealthy energetic cords and attachments to people or experiences.
We journey together, to release unhealthy attachments and strengthen positive, loved ones.

Life Journey_png.png

Past Life Journey

1.5 hrs, $85

We may repeat patterns and behaviors that are unhealthy and detrimental. In this guided meditation you will journey to a time in your past where you might see yourself, people, and situations that you can impact your life patterns and habits now. When we understand the patterns, we can heal and move forward in this life.

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