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We are a metaphysical store on the west side of Rochester. Items include many different stones and crystals, smudging tools, banners, books, CD's, candles, incense, tarot and angel cards, meditation tools, Earth Mother items, jewelry and more!

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, and special events to support your spiritual and personal growth. See the events page. 

You can purchase a wide variety of metaphysical items at Lightways. A few items are available online as well. Make sure to add us on social media to stay up to date with events and new inventory!


Chumpi Healing Technique

Lightways Barn, 228 Gilmore Rd, Brockport

Sept 16, 2023       9am-12pm,

$89,  ($60 class & $29 Chumpi Book)

Judith Andrew, Andean Shamanic Practitioner


Learn & practice nawi (chakra) clearing and balancing with this ancient technique from the Sacred Valley, Peru Pacos (Shaman)  class details 

Chumpi stones to borrow, purchase or bring your own. 


Usui Reiki, Holy Fire III Advanced Teacher Training, 

Judith Andrew

Sat & Sun, Oct 14 & 15, Lightways Barn

Reservations Required, 585-281-8670


Required: Reiki I and II Certification 

Donna Spence  Post (Square))_png.png

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Donna Spence

Sat, Sept 9, 2:30-5:30

Reservations Required, 585-281-8670

25 min/$35    RESERVATIONS

Receive messages from those who have crossed over, with love and compassion.


Tarot Reading,

Dr. Laura Crosetti

Sat, Sept 16, 2:30-5:30

What messages do the cards have for you!

Reservations Required, 585-281-8670

30 min/$40       RESERVATIONS

Readings With SnowOwl 1_png.png

Individual Reading, Your Soul Path

Snow Owl channeled by Angela Lapple

Sat, Sept 23

Reservations Required, 585-281-8670

30 min/$40    RESERVATIONS

Through Snow Owl, find out your life path, souls journey with her UNIQUE channeling. 

Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Shamanic Reiki, Past Life, Journeying

By Appointment, text Judy


 Reiki Share, Lightways Barn

228 Gilmore Rd, 

Open to All!

Sat, Aug 19, Sept 2, Oct 7, Nov 4

9:30-11:30 am

$10 Donation

Group prayers, Meditation, & Reiki Share

After Hours at Lightways!

Fri, Oct 20, 6-8pm


5 stones/crystal from Center Tables

3 Card Tarot or Oracle Reading


limit 20 tickets

 August, September, October
Registration & Information, Special Events Page,    

Check back for calendar updates

Lightway Events:

Sat, Aug 19, Reiki Share, Lightways Barn, 9:30-11:30, all welcome $10

Sat, Sept 2, Reiki Share, Lightways Barn, 9:30-11:30, all welcome $10

Sat, Sept 9, Psychic Mediumship Readings with Donna, Reservations 10 min/$15 or 25 min $35

Sat, Sept 16, Chumpi Healing Technique Class & Book, 9-12, Lightways Barn, $89

Sat, Sept 16, Tarot Readings with Laura, Reservation, 30 min/$40

Sat, Sept 23, SnowOwl Readings, Soul's Journey, Angela Lapple, 30 min/$40

Sat, Oct 7, Reiki Share, Lightways Barn, 9:30-11:30, $10

Sat/Sun Oct 14 & 15, Usui Reiki Holy Fire III Master Teacher Training, Lightways Barn, 9-5 both days, Reservations, $450

Fri, Oct 20, After Hours @ Lightways, 6-8pm, $25, 5 crystals, Mini Reading, Refreshments 

Brockport Village and Merchants Association Events:

Sat, Sept 9, Brockstock23 Music Festival, 12-9:30, Music, Food, Fireworks, Welcome Center

Sat, Sept 9,  Dinner on Main St, Brockport, 5-8pm

Sat, Oct 7, SUNY Brockport Homecoming

Sat, Oct 7, Dinner on Main St, Brockport, 5-8pm

for more information go to   or 

Your Soul's Deepest Prayer.....

Card Reading: Your Soul's Prayer for YOU

60 min, $65

By appointment, call/text or special event page,

Judy Andrew, 585-281-8670

Take this deep exploration into your Soul's Deepest Prayer for you, includes:

  • Evocation Prayer

  • Guided Meditation

  • 11 Card Reading Spread

Shamanic Reiki Sessions

Call Judith Andrew to schedule a date & time at (585) 281-8670

Areas of specialization in the Journey to find your Spirit Huaca (element)

Cord Cutting & Extraction 

Past Life Journey

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Starseed Children & Adults

Starseeds are Souls who have incarnated from the Stars and Star Constellations. They have a UNIQUE purpose for themselves and all being on Earth. 

Many of your CHILDREN are Starseeds.

Schedule an appointment for a

Starseed Reading,

Starseed Guided Meditation & Crystal Light/Energy Balancing

Starseed Time Shifting: Clearing the Past, Living Present & Creating Future

 Call Judy at (585) 281-8670

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Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes, FB Event_png.png
Screenshot 2022-10-28 175854.png

Stones, more added every day!

 Energy Work Specials, 30- or 75-min sessions

Just added sessions: Healing with Crystals, Energy Cord Cutting, and Tapping! Check them out!


Reiki, IET Angels, Chakra Balancing, Radical Forgiveness and Shamanic Illumination Energy Work. 

Call Judy (585) 381-8670

Check out the website for schedule, payment and description.

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 Come and join us for a ZOOM (online video) for counseling, mediation and distance Reiki. Contact us at: (585) 281-8670 to schedule. Let us help you to decrease the stress and anxiety of everyday life.