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Celebrating Spring & Love

I don't usually promote specific holidays, but I do want to remind us of the spirituality and rebirth of Jesus and our sacred earth~

For me, Easter is a celebration to welcome the shift from winter to spring, from the deep hibernation and thoughts of cozying in, to getting back into nature, walks on the beach, lingering sunsets (YES, the sun is now setting where we can see it over Lake Ontario) and gardening. Last week I went to the Garden Factory Spring Sale, next weekend is Spring Soiree at Kirbys Farm Market and the Gathering of Gardeners.

I have cleaned and inspected the gardens, with the tiny signs of life returning, daffodils and hyacinths in full bloom, my new rock garden  plants at the lake are all poking through. 

I've also been watching the return of animal life, both at the lake and Gilmore Farm. So far, have seen the ever present deer grazing at sunset, fox with a stubby tail running through the back, crows cackling, a HUGE Turkey sitting on a tiny branch, variety of ducks and geese on the pond, blue heron majestic return, and always opossum, raccoons, and woodchucks. 

Jesus's message was always that of LOVE. So as the day lengthens and our time is busy, remember to call someone struggling or you have missed. Visit a friend, say a kind work to a stressed co-worker or clerk.  

Be kind and loving to yourself, to the Earth. Happy Easter!

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