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Prayer for Peace, Aug 19, 2018 Remembered

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Remembrance Prayer, World War I, Aug 1918

This prayer was under the suspended statue of Jesus in the Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England. It is a reminder to all of us, the horrors and devastation experienced first hand by the English people. So we ask ourselves, how far have we come? Are we not still repeating this destruction of Wars still today? Please say this prayer, for world healing, share with others and let it guide your week. 

As we remember with sadness the horror of war, help us to work for a better understanding between races and nations. Open our eyes to see our own part in discord and aggression between people now,

Forgive us our pride and divisions, and renew in us the search for peace, So that trust may replace suspicion, friendship replace fear, and the spirit of reconciliation be known among us.

Since returning from England, I have made a personal commitment to be out in nature more. So last week, Sarah and I walked the trails, experienced a fall leaf shower, watched the fish jump in the creek and felt the crispness of fall at Holley Falls. It is only 10 min from Brockport and I had never been there. Enjoy lunch or dinner at the Holley Falls Bar and Grill.  My goal is to visit a park, trail or something outside until the cold and snow are too much. 

Send me your favorite park or trail, looking forward to new adventures! Just reply to this email!

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