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Chakras & Energy Bodies

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

About 6 years ago I taught my first chakra class. I was aware and knew a bit about the chakras but not really experienced working with them since my college yoga and chakra experiences. Since then, I have continually grown and learned about these amazing energy centers int he body and how we can bring our inner and outer energy into balance and alignment. 

The gifts for us are multiple. First, learn about where your chakras are; including the colors, essential oils, characteristics, spinning to fast, spinning to slow, archetypes, foods, journal questions and affirmations. Second, begin to  sense and feel your chakras. Place your hands at each chakra, one at a time. Bring your breath and awareness to each location. Close your eyes, move into quiet and feel the energy emanating from that chakra. Slowly begin to turn your hands counter clockwise, imagining you are release all the negativity and struggles in that chakra. Use your breath. After about a minute, stop and turn your hands clockwise. Bring in white light and the color related to that chakra. Imagine and sense you are bringing harmony and balance into the chakra. Use your breath and visualization to guide you. Do this with each chakra. 

End with a thankful prayer, or affirmation, "My Life and Chakras are in complete balance and harmony with Universal Energy. I choose peace and compassion as my guides today. "

Try this several days, journal about your experience! 

If you are interested in more information or assistance in balancing the chakras, schedule a session for the RF Energy Body and Chakra Balancing Session. See Bookings

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