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Happy Gardening

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

This week is a reminder to get your vegetable and flower gardens ready to plant. The soil is warm enough and hopefully the frost evenings are over. 

Vegetable lovers, don't have time? Plant in boxes or raised beds. You get a lot more produce for less work, less watering and no weeding! I just got 4 Earth Boxes my neighbor recommended. Check them out on Amazon. Comes with fertilizer and he says they grow amazing vegetables.

Try an easy herb garden, lavender, basil, parsley, thyme can all be grown in containers. Easy to pick for those summer meals. 

For the flower lovers, that surely is ME~ check out the Public Market for great bargains. Every Sunday through the first week in June, plus Friday and Monday of Memorial weekend. 

Gardening keeps us close to nature, with our hands in the dirt and creating the miracles of nature and the plant world. Even a small planter on the deck or porch will bring smiles and happiness to your heart. 

Support your smaller, locally grown garden centers. They work very hard and have more unusual varieties of flowers, herbs and vegetables. 

As many of you know, Lake Ontario took my lake garden last spring. So now where I have lovely big rocks I am going to try something new, rock gardening. Very different soil and conditions. I have 140 feet of solid rocks so will keep me busy for many years. 

Be creative and challenge yourself if you are a seasoned gardener. Visit different garden centers, try a new design or layout, pick new annuals and perennial, new veggies and herbs. 

Happy Planting!

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