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Khuyas, the Stone Beings....

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Khuyas, the stone beings....

Many of us have been drawn to the rock painting and placing activities. I was wondering why, what is the attraction to simply drawing or painting on an ordinary beach rock or rock found on the ground. 

Perhaps....we need to connect with the earth energy, pachamama, for the healing of our earth, ourselves and others. Fresh in our hearts, the recent school shooting of 17 people, by a very sad and disturbed young man. 

This simple act of sharing a part of ourselves, of our sacred earth may be a way to return love, feelings of gratitude, safety and well-being, of caring for others....

Khuyas is a Q'ero word to love. They are stones that are sacred to a shamanic practitioner. Blow into them what you want to release, let go of, diminish in your life. Hold them for healing, spiritual guidance, meditation and personal growth. 

Carry a khuya (stone) with you today, what do you feel, what shifts or changes, where have you grown, what have you released? 

Photo is from the Andean Healing Energy Cards

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