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Map of the Scale of Consciousness, David Hawkins

Many of us have quoted or made reference to this chart. So, ask yourself "Where do I spend most of my emotional energy? Where would I like to be? How can I get there? 

The first step is awareness of where you are currently. The lower on the scale, the more dense and heavy the vibration of energy. Notice that guilt and shame are at the bottom, even apathy and anger are higher. 

To raise your vibration takes EFFORT and A CONSCIOUS CHOICE to look at life differently. Can you find the lesson in a struggle, the gift in a difficult situation, the light in the darkness? Life will contain the same events and situations, what changes is how YOU choose to interpret them. You can stay in guilt, fear, anger, shame, anxiety or move to courage, acceptance, willingness, and on up to love, joy and peace!

Tools include meditation, yoga, pranayama, nature, letting go, creating new bonds and friendships, forgiveness and the WILLINGNESS to see the patterns and struggles you have had, UP UNTIL NOW. Let today be your new beginning, the sun is shining. Take a walk outside, stop to smell the air and feel the enjoy nature. Call a friend, meet for lunch or a movie. Visit someone ill or feeling down. It is often through service to others that we both benefit from the gift of caring. Move up the scale!

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