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Morning & Evening Mindful Meditation

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Start and end your day Mindfully with these delightful, short morning and evening meditations. They often include mindful reminders to practice through the day. Excerpts:

Morning Meditation: I Am You, You Are Me, p. 86

Mindfulness practice helps us realize our innate kinship with other creatures and the Earth so that we do not approach life from a sense of aggression and lack. As yo go though your morning, say silently to yourself as you meet each person or event. "I am you, and you are me." You can say this to yourself when you greet the cashier at the service station, when you see squirrel run across the lawn, when you look up at the sky. Persevere in this practice throughout the day. See if you notice a change in the tenor of your responses to the world around you. 

Evening Meditation: Seek Balance, p 113

WE spend so much time in the fruitless and untrue opposition between mind and heart. What if the two are not bitter enemies but lovers intertwined? This evening, make the journey into the heart center, and concentrate your attention here. Find and balance the masculine and feminine energies, the left and the right side of the body, the thinking and the feeling self. Gaze on this vital center, and feel the currents of vital energy making it blaze brightly with universal compassion.

The Mindful Morning and The Mindful Evening are available at Lightways

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