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Radical Forgiveness

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

This is the description of Radical Forgiveness from Colin Tipping. Wouldn't you love to wake up every day and be at peace with what ever life throws at you? From getting up late, stuck in traffic, difficult conversation with a co-worker, argument with your spouse or children, painful memory from your parents and childhood, abuse as a child or adult, loss of a loved one, cancer or other physical illness!

What if your soul actually chose each of these struggles in your life and your lesson is to learn to see the perfection and the idea that nothing wrong ever happened!

Well, much easier said than done, right? Through these amazing tools, secular prayers and practice, you can heal. Are you choosing to stay in victimhood? Blaming others for your misery and suffering, hanging on to old habits and patterns? Would you like to feel happier and healthier but not sure how? Are you willing to try something totally new and different? Radical Forgiveness may be your new path!

Read the book, call me, schedule time for healing and Radical Forgiveness!

My favorite quote from Colin,

"Do you want to be right, or do you want to heal and grow?"

Radical Forgiveness Session

I have been studying and presenting the Radical Forgiveness concepts and strategies for the past 3 years. I recently competed the course requirements to be become a CERTIFIED Radical Forgiveness Coach. 

To celebrate, I am offering a deep discount for doing a RF worksheet with me. The process takes up to 2 hours, and is usually $65. I am offering the worksheet for $45! 

You can join in person or on ZOOM (video/audio call in). Call NOW to set up your appointment! 585-281-8670.  Worksheets shift the energy on ANY emotional issue, childhood trauma, stress, anxiety, relationships, physical illness (cancer), divorce, jobs, daily frustrations, work, employment, family, friends.

Let go, to HEAL AND GROW!

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